August 18, 2011


I really hate the flu. Unfortunately thats the only way my body has time to relax because I'm always always on the go. I really should stop every once and a while and just relax, ya know, so my body doesn't just shut down on me on the most inconvenient time! blah! But today is a better day i'm pretty weak but I have some energy and I was able to keep some food down which was nice because I was starving! I actually got my hair done today! Its different but I needed different! I love love it! <3

August 16, 2011

Summer 2011

So this summer is basically over and I honestly didn't that much. I enjoyed it don't get me wrong but it was kind of more of a chill summer, which is ironic because i graduate in may. Im not going away for college this year, I think thats why things haven't been so crazy. I am staying here and going to TCC. Which is the community college here in town. Im actually pretty excited about starting school. I finally decided what I want to study. As of now I am planning on majoring in business and minoring in political science. Its not going to be easy by any means but I know that in the end it'll be worth all of it. Well one of the things I did do this summer was get my macbook pro, for college of course, but how can you not take pictures on your webcam, you know the crazy ones no one should EVER see? ha well here are a few of me and my friends...

February 19, 2011


So my day started out really slow I slept till about noon! I was soo soo tired! Yesterday was such a long day! Well after I got up and kinda got ready I went & got my friend Zoey and we went to see Just Go With It, it has Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in it! It was WAY funnier than I though it was going to be! We both laughed sooo hard! We had also planned on going to olive garden but we ate at the theater so we were full! Ha yeahh lamme, I know! I was so not in the mood for doing anything today, which is funny because I did a whole heck of a lot. So right after the movies I was off to babysit for lyd. She went on a double date with some of her close friends. I watched all their kids! thats 7 total! haha im crazy, I know! Then after that I was off to Madis, her, Amanda, Rachel and I were all suppose to go to the highlands but I had to leave early to go babysit again for the little girl I Nanny! Thats what im doing now. Shes sleeping and im playing on here. Im actually really tired. I have become very out of it. Thats probably not a good thing at all. AHH! Well im going to go lay down and relax. Goodnight(:

February 18, 2011

Welcome to my life

Soooo heyy guys!(: This is sooo exciting to me! To have a blog! I never really thought it was my thing... I dont really know why because if you know me, you know I can talk!(: Well today was kinda a crazy day! Some crazy stuff went down, stuff I still cant get my head around! (hehe that rhymed) I was really unhappy today, & I was FREAKING OUT! BUT! This girl over here in the picture, lydster as I call her. Well she had my back!(: It was nice, if she wouldn't have been there I would have cried or died. Either one works really! But all ended well and Im happy sooo thats good! Thanks Lyd <3

! So after my crazy day! I decided to get even happier, I mean with the help of these people over here. Ya know Madi & Amanda!? This picture is probably one of my favorite ones! We JUST took it tonight! haha sooo Amanda NEVER matches and we had to go get her mama stuff bc she was not feeling well & well me and madi didn't fell the need to look good so we pulled an amanda! As in not matching... but we did! haha Madi just put ugg boots on with capris and I wore Amanda's "granola shoes" as her mom likes to call them! HAHA! oh & I wore them with socks, if there not already bad enough! Sad thing is I want a pair! After we got back to Madis I asked "So Amanda, where'd you get those shoes I kinda want a pair" Yes. It was greatness! I wish I could say we did more then just blog and eat chicked express but, I can't because thats all we did. I mean we laughed a whole lot so I mean I guess that counts as a work out... I'd say its a work out for the tummy area?! what do you think? Well all in all it ended up being a good day !(: